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Concealed Carry Classes

We offer Multi Permit Classes that more than exceed the Minimum Requirements necessary to apply for the Iowa, Wisconsin, Utah, Arizona and Florida Concealed Carry Permits.  While Iowa and Wisconsin merely require a course of basic firearms knowledge (some Iowa classes being offered are as short as 90 minutes and online with NO Instructor/Student interaction and Wisconsin allows a Hunter's Safety Course as acceptable training), our classes are

Carrying a firearm is a very big decision with LOTS of Responsiblities and Ramifications.  Obtaining general firearms knowledge is only a SMALL portion of what a person NEEDS to know to SAFELY carry a firearm/weapon. 

Our lead instructor, Scott Longhorn, is a Certified NRA Rifle and Pistol Instructor and is also certified by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Indentification to instruct the training material necessary to apply for the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit.  Utah law requires a minimum 4 hour in-person training class.  Our classes generally run 5 to 6 hours in total time.

A NRA Practical Rifle class consists of 14 hours of instruction.  A NRA Basic Pistol class consists of 8 hours of instruction and a NRA Pistol First Steps class consists of 3 hours minimum of class time.  So our 6 to 7 hour Permit Class is very busy covering :

  • 120+ Page Bound Training Manual
  • Concealed Carry Permit Options
  • Certificates and Permit Applications
  • Firearms Familiarity and Handling
  • Federal Firearm Laws
  • State Firearms Laws
  • Weapons Selection
  • Holster & Carry Options
  • Incident Avoidance
  • Non-Lethal Methods of Defense
  • Escalation of Force


  • Use of Deadly Force
  • Vehicle & Air Travel with Firearms
  • After-Incident Action
  • Self-Defense Insurance
  • Written, Oral and Handling Exam


        Multi-State Permit Classes
Tuition cost for Walk-In-Students is $95. You can save up to $25 by pre-registering.

$80 for 1 student.  $70 each for 2 or more students. Tuition is non-refundable, but transferable to any other class in the future if you are unable to attend the class that you are pre-registered for.

Private Small Group classes for all 4 permits can be held at your business, club, or home starting at $350 for up to 5 students.  Each student after that is $70 each.  Private classes must be paid for and all students enrolled 1 week prior to the class.
        Single State Permit Classes
Maybe you only are interested in getting your Iowa CWP or Wisconsin CCW.  We offer a 3+ hour private small group class starting at $300 for up to 5 students.  Each student after that is $50 each.  This class works great for midweek evenings (daytime classes are also possible).  Private classes must be paid for and all students enrolled 1 week prior the the class.

For more Concealed Carry Permit Class information and what would be the best permit or permits for you, continue to your State of Residency Page.

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